Global Mobility Survey

Our aims

International mobility continues to increase with the expansion of globalisation and the opening up of world markets. This means that businesses are facing an ever-growing demand on their resources in order to manage a more transient workforce. The management of international mobility is no longer a question of just sourcing an airline ticket and hotel, and opening up an expense account – companies now need a lot more flexibility from the people they’re looking to hire.


But where do you find employees willing to be so flexible? And how easy is it to move people around internationally to meet the needs of your business?

With these questions in mind, The Network has carried out research looking at this important issue, aiming to better understand the global labour market to place businesses in a stronger position to attract the best international talent.

Three waves

Building on two previous waves of research conducted by The Network and Intelligence Group, the 2011 Global Talent Mobility Survey is the biggest yet, with more countries, jobseekers and topics involved than ever before. And so, this year’s study will give you an invaluable understanding of the global market.


This survey has been carried out across 66 countries by members of The Network, in partnership with Dutch research organisation Intelligence Group. In all, 162,495 jobseekers were asked for their views on geographic mobility between June and September 2011.