Global Mobility Survey

Good career opportunities a major factor

While salary is still the biggest driver when it comes to choosing a company abroad, 8% fewer people selected this as their main selection criterion. Simultaneously, good career opportunities has increased as a factor from 44% in 2009 to 49% in 2011, suggesting that the global economic situation has lead to a situation where career progression is rapidly becoming as important as wage. Over the past two years, however, company location has lessened in importance.


Factors affecting job relocation decisions vary wildly from country to country. In Luxembourg, for instance, a healthy work-life balance is essential, while jobseekers from Kazakhstan would always prefer a company offering a challenging job. Chinese people are less bothered by salary than people from any other country, while Swedish jobseekers are more concerned about an employer’s reputation than anywhere else. In all countries, working hours and pension packages are classed as rather unimportant.